what is hosting

what is hosting what is the meaning of hosting if i tell you in terms of digital marketing then hosting means web hosting

What is web hosting, what is the connection of web hosting to the internet and what is the need of web hosting to create a blog website, if you want to know then read this post till the last.

So let us know today the complete information about web hosting which will be coming in your mind, what is web hosting, what is the meaning of web hosting, what is the meaning of web hosting, what is the work of web hosting and many more You will know all the things that are coming in your mind in this article.

Web hosting means launching your website by connecting it to the Internet, with the help of this web hosting, your website appears in any search engine and any internet user can read your published article very easily. finds

Web hosting helps you to publish your website, this is the place where all the databases of your public website are stored and with the help of these software programs, your website remains live on the Internet for 24 hours.

If you are associated with the world of digital marketing blogging and web design or work in this field or want to make a career in this field then it is very important for you to know about web hosting.

Because to earn money by creating a professional or business blog, you need a good web hosting, but before that what is a good web hosting and how to buy it, if you do not know, then in today’s article you will get to understand.

what does web hosting mean

Web hosting means storing your blog website at one place on the Internet’s server is called web hosting.

If understood in simple language, web hosting means a computer or software where you have servers and with the help of that server, your blog website’s data is stored and available on the Internet.

The computer from which you have created your blog or website, whether it is closed or running, it does not matter because with the help of web hosting, the data of your website is stored on a server and that server remains live for 24 hours, so that your The website remains live on the Internet by connecting to the Internet 24 hours 365 days and any Internet user who wants to access can easily access your website.

Let’s understand in detail

Web means WWW means World Wide Web and hosting means storage device i.e. server web hosting is always connected to the internet through which the user using the internet can access your blog website.

Now the question may be coming in your mind that what is the difference between web, server, internet and hosting, so let’s understand them too.

Web means World Wide Web, which is a part of the Internet, the Internet is a part of the Global Network Server, to which many different servers are connected.

Web server is also one of those parts, whose main job is to deliver any web page to the user, if a user enters a request through any browser, then it reaches the user.

Hosting is a type of service that helps you to publish your blog website on the Internet.

In today’s time, all the blogs or websites you see on the Internet remain live only through some hosting server and keep showing you the data of that website.

With the help of web hosting, if any internet user wants to see these websites on his mobile computer or laptop at any time, then he can easily see and get information.

Now you must have come to know how important it is for you to know web hosting, if you want to know web hosting in more detail then keep reading this post carefully.

what is web hosting

If you have ever thought that whenever we are searching something on the internet, then where does it come from written, then let me tell you that it can come through a web hosting.

Hosting is a type of online service that provides you the convenience of publishing your website on the Internet. Whenever we create our blog or website with the help of a CMS like WordPress, then for that we also have to take a good hosting. But when we buy a good hosting and put any kind of contact on it like text image or video then web hosting is required to upload them.

Once we buy hosting and make our website live and put any kind of data on our website, then that data is stored on web hosting and when we download that article or text or video on our website, If you make it public on the website, then what happened in that store starts showing the data to the user, so that the user can easily see your website.

We know a type of special computer software or server by the name of web hosting, which provides storage for our blog website.

This computer web server is connected to the Internet for 24 hours, with the help of which our website can remain live on the Internet for 24 hours.

Millions of blog websites available around the world are also hosted on any web hosting server, be it a big organization or an individual, we all have to take hosting according to the size of our website.

So if you also want to start a blog and want to earn lakhs of rupees from the blog, then you need to buy a good web hosting.

So that’s why now I will tell you that if you are going to buy web hosting, then how to identify whether that web hosting will be right for you or not?

Keep in mind while buying a good web hosting

  • First check whether the customer support is correct or not
  • Storage capacity and bandwidth must be looked at
  • You should also see how much domain and how much subdomain you can live on that web hosting
  • It should also be seen whether there is a facility to create a free business email or not.
  • You should also check the type of database support
  • Is Single Click WordPress Facility Or Not You Should See Now
  • There is some web hosting company which also provides domain for 1 year for free, then you should
  • also see this
  • You should also check whether you are getting free SSL certificate or not.
  • How is the interface of cPanel should also be seen
  • It should also be seen what kind of migration facilities are there.
  • You should also see how many websites you can create on a hosting plan.

Take a look at how wrong hosting can harm you

  • No technical support of any kind
  • Facing Server Problems
  • Website down due to heavy traffic

What are the types of web hosting

There are many types of web hosting, but the main ones which have been determined according to the need are mainly 5 types of web hosting.

Shared Hosting: Share hosting is a hosting on which many people’s websites are being hosted together, this hosting is cheaper than all hosting, especially if you are starting blogging, then this hosting is made for you only. Is

If you buy share hosting, then you do not need any technical knowledge and you do not need anything to maintain this hosting.

WordPress Hosting: WordPress hosting is specially designed for blogs and websites, it loads very fast and has many extra features, extra themes and extra plugins.

This hosting is a recommendation for WordPress blog or website builder users.

Cloud Hosting: In today’s time, cloud hosting is considered to be very popular hosting because this hosting consists of a Cluster server, which means that it is being hosted in many servers.

And whenever a visitor is accessing your website, if there is any problem in that server, then your website becomes visible to the user with the help of another server.

And in this way the user does not face any problem in viewing your website and your website is always live.

Dedicated Hosting: This is a hosting on which all the control is yours, you can run this hosting as you want.

In this hosting, you have your own physical server on which you are hosting your website, this hosting is very expensive compared to other hosting.

VPS Hosting: This hosting is your own virtual private server which is a mixer of dedicated and shared hosting.

In this hosting, you get a physical server from which no matter how much traffic comes to your website, it does not make any difference to this hosting and your website is never down.

Things you should keep in mind while taking hosting

  • how much up time is available
  • how much disk space are you getting
  • how much bandwidth is available
  • how is customer support

One of the most important thing that you have to keep in mind whenever you are buying hosting, then you must check the review of that hosting.

So Guru, if you have read this post carefully, then you will be able to buy a good and better hosting and you must have also understood about what is hosting, yet if you have any question in your mind, then in the comment box below. insert

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