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In today’s article, we will know what is a domain name, why should you buy a domain name, what you can do by buying a domain name, and many more such questions that will be coming in your mind, you will get to see the answer to all in this article. Will go, so read this article till the last

Talk if you want to start your business online or want to create your own blog or want to start your own website, then you need a domain name.

Now it must be coming in your mind, what is a domain name, then I will tell you what is a domain name, if any user on the Internet wants to search you, then how will he do it because you do not have any identity.

In such a situation, there is a need for the domain name, the domain name is your identity, through which any internet user can reach you through the internet by searching your identity, whether it is your business or your personal blog or your website. To reach there, an identity is required, that identity is called a domain name.

To build your brand online, it is very important to have a domain name to start your business or to start your blog or to start your website.

If I tell you in simple language, then you can understand that suppose you live in Mumbai and someone from Jharkhand is coming to meet you and you tell him to come directly to Mumbai, how will he be able to find you?

But when you give your address to him, he will be able to reach you very easily, in the same way the domain name also works, it helps you to reach your user, that address is known as the domain name.

In today’s post, we will know what is a domain name, what is a custom domain, what is the need of a domain name in creating a blog and website, is it necessary to buy a domain name to create a blog and website, and if so, what kind of domain do you need? Name should be bought, if you have some questions like this in your mind, then you can read this post till the last.

Even today, many people remain confused between domain hosting and website, so for your information, let me tell you that domain hosting and website are different things, in the same way many things are needed to build a house. Many things are needed to create a blog or website from

To create any blog or website, the first thing to do is to buy a good domain name, because the domain name itself is your identity, it reflects your business or blog or website, so let us now go into details. understand what is a domain name

what does domain name mean

The simple meaning of domain name is an address of your blog and website which we know as URL and they are also known as domain name.

To search any blog or website on the Internet or to access any blog or website, we need its domain address domain name and URL, see for example

Example: https://www.example.com

As I explained to you through the example, how the domain name looks, a domain name is also known as URL and the same URL is also known as domain address.

Such an address of your blog or website, with the help of which users searching on the Internet, by entering your URL in any browser, can reach you directly to the website and your blog without the help of any search engine. known from

How many types of domain names are there

By the way, if seen, there are many types of domain names, but for example, let me give you some examples and tell you what types of domain names can be.

  • Example: https://www.example.com
  • Example: https://www.example.in
  • Example: https://www.example.org
  • Example: https://www.example.uk
  • Example: https://www.example.xyz
  • Example: https://www.example.live

Not only this, there are many domain names that you can buy, depending on which domain you are buying now, all domains have different prices.

Whichever way you buy domain extension, you will have to pay for that method, so keep in mind that when you are starting blogging, start with dot com or dot in because you can get this domain absolutely free.

There are many such hosting companies, when you buy their hosting for the first time, they provide you dot com or dot in domain absolutely free for 1 year.

What is the need of domain name

With the help of domain name, the internet user can access your website or blog very easily, like if you want to open YouTube for example, then you search youtube.com in the same way if you want to open Facebook yes then you search facebook.com

Now here youtube.com and facebook.com is also a domain name, in the same way when you start your blog or website, you have to buy a domain name.

You have to keep your name in the domain name like xyz.com, vikkiyadav.com etc.

how domain names work

Computer is searching any website by their IP address, now this ip-address can be of different types like

In this way each computer has its own unique ip-address.

Like if you people are using mobile now, then that mobile phone will also have a different ip-address.

If you want to understand in simple language, then IP address is a type of identity, through which any internet user can access a particular website.

But how if you want to call anyone from your mobile phone, then dial that person’s mobile number because this mobile number is their identity and dial that mobile number, the phone directly appears where you want to put it. Yes, IP address works in the same way.

Similarly, the computer also has its own IP address, when we are searching which website, then our computer is searching that IP address and by reaching that IP-address we can access the data of that website or blog. presents in public

In the same way, when we search a website by entering its URL in any browser, then that website opens in our computer or our mobile.

That’s why whenever you go to buy a domain name, buy a domain that people can remember easily.

What is the difference between domain name and hosting

Domain name is an address of your website through which the user can access your website, if we talk about it, then hosting is the place to store the data of your website, whenever you upload something to your website, whether it is text or image. Be it video or video, it gets stored on your hosting and then when you publish it, it starts appearing on your website with your domain name.

How many types of domain names are there

By the way, if we talk, there are mainly two types of domain names.

Top level Domain Name: Top level domain is such a domain which is world wide popular such as .net, .com, .org etc.

Country Code Top Level Domain Name: Country level domain is a domain that is famous for a particular country, such as .in, .us, .uk, etc.

What to keep in mind while buying a domain name

  • buy plain name domain
  • try buy short name
  • Try Buying a Mobile Friendly Domain
  • Buy using keywords in your domain
  • Try to buy only top level domains
  • Don’t buy someone else’s company name or brand domain
  • try buy expired domain
  • Buy Unique and Catchy Domains
  • Do not buy using hi-fun in domain name

Where to buy domain name

If you are thinking of buying a domain, then you can buy it from anywhere, but I am giving you the address of some good and popular website, try to buy it from there.

  • DomainRacer
  • Godaddy
  • namecheap

Above are some of the popular 3 such companies from where you can buy your domain

So Guru, you have learned what is a domain name, what is the work of a domain name, where to buy a domain name, why you should buy a domain name, even if you have any question in your mind, then put it in the comment box below.

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