What is blog?

What is a blog, what do you understand by writing a blog, why blogging is becoming so popular in today’s time, is blogging a way of earning money, you will get the answer to that question in this post.

Nowadays everyone likes blogging because in today’s time many people are becoming famous sitting at home by blogging, making their own identity and earning millions of rupees monthly sitting at home.

Even people make big companies with the help of blogging in the present time and by making their own product and service, they are earning crores of rupees by making it accessible to the people.

So, today we also know what blogging is and how a blog is written, so if you also want to do blogging and want to earn millions sitting at home by writing a blog, then read this post till the last.

Here we will know what is blogging, how to write a blog and a lot of information related to blogging which will be coming in your mind.

What is Blogging

what is blogging

Blogging is to convey your thoughts, your special knowledge and your interest to people through online digital medium, you do not need any permission to create a blog, nor is there any age limit, nor do you have any Qualification is required, making a blog and earning money from a blog is a very easy task.

You already know that in earlier times people used to take support of books to read an article or they used to read through magazines and newspapers.

But in today’s time, many people do not like to read books, read newspapers or read magazines, but instead of that magazine, newspaper and book, they prefer to read through online Google using their mobile phone, laptop and tablet.

If any person is searching anything online inside Google, then only an article written by a blogger comes, I hope that now you must have understood what blogging is and how it works.

What are the things to keep in mind for writing a good blog?

Before writing a blog or starting a blog, it is very important to create a blog, then you can publish your article on any topic on that blog, but keep in mind that you will have to write an article on any one niche, that is why whatever If you have more interest in the subject matter or have more knowledge, start writing a blog on it, by doing this you will be able to write a blog for a long time.

By the way, for your information, let me tell you that you can publish articles on a blog in many ways, but if you have to write articles for a long time, then you will get stuck and will not be able to write articles for a long time, that is why initially you Select the subject on which you have more knowledge and you can write on that subject for a long time.

Whenever we ask a question to Google, it picks up an article in front of us and presents it in front of us and many of us think that from where does Google get so much information.

Google is a search engine that has millions of bloggers like us who create their own blog for free and write many different articles on it, many different topics and many different categories.

And whenever an Internet user asks a question on Google, Google brings all the best articles in its indexed articles to the search and shows them in front of the users on the computer mobile phone or tablet screen and in this way User gets answer to his question

what is blog

What is Blog Blog means online digital platform that looks like a website in which we write everything in which we have more knowledge and more interest and more interest.

The article being written in the blog always appears above and the article written later appears below, which means that you will see the new post first and the old post later.

The articles we publish in a blog are called blog posts and any person who does blogging is called a blogger.

If we write some of our thoughts on any topic and publish it on the Internet, then Internet users come to our blog with the help of Google search engine or any other search engine and read that information.

There are 2 popular platforms to start a blog

  • Blogger or WordPress

how to create a free blog on blogger

For example, the article you are reading is also an article written by me because I have a lot of knowledge about blogging, that is why I have created my blog on a blogging niche.

If I explain it to you in simple language, then believe that this is my personal diary, in which I write everything in which I have more knowledge or more interest.

And after writing a blog post in the blog, I publish it online on my blog, now through this the post written by me is reaching you through the internet and you are able to read it.

After sharing on the Internet, every person who uses the Internet can read the information given in your blog.

Just think if someone tells you that you have to write that in which you have more knowledge or interest and by doing this you will earn well, then how would you feel, would you like to do it or not?

Blogging is also a way of earning money online, you can earn well by writing things of your choice and make a career and fulfill all your dreams, that too sitting at home, if you are not sure, then read this article. read through

what are the types of bloggers

There are many types of blogs, for example I have given some below, you can read them.

  • Personal Blog
  • Professional Blog
  • Business Blog
  • News Blog
  • Niche Blogs
  • Affiliate Blogs
  • Freelance Blog

Why blogs are written, what are their benefits

There are many advantages of writing a blog, like you have to convey your information to someone else, even then you can make your information accessible to millions of people through blogging, or even if you want to earn big money, you can do blogging.

  • Many people do blogging to become famous.
  • Many people do blogging to take their business forward
  • Many people do blogging to earn big money.
  • Some people also do blogging to share their personal life.
  • Some people also do blogging to follow their passion.
  • to stay connected with your customers
  • to identify oneself
  • Many companies also use blogging to provide their product or service.

There are many other benefits of blogging which you will gradually come to know when you start blogging.

how much can you earn from blogging

If I tell you that you people can earn crores of rupees a month by blogging, then maybe you will not believe but you can check yourself, below I am giving you some website, you can visit it and see.

  • Blogger Name – Amit Agarwal – Labnol.org – Earning – $ 100000
  • Blogger Name – Harsh Agarwal – Shout Me Loud – Earning – $ 52000
  • Blogger Name – Faisal Farooqui – mouth shut.com – Earning – $50000
  • Blogger Name – Shraddha Sharma – your story.com – Earning – $30000

I have told you the names of only a few bloggers, but for your information, let me tell you that there are millions of bloggers who are able to make six figure earnings by blogging full time.

So Guru, you understood and learned what is blogging, why should you do blogging and how much money can be earned by blogging and many more. If you have any kind of question in your mind, then put it in the comment box below.

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