What are Micro Niche Blogs, how to start?

Do you want to make a career in blogging and want to be successful in blogging, then it is very important for you to know about Micro Niche Blogging, that is why today we will know what is Micro Niche Blogging and how to start it.

If you want to earn more money in less time then you should start Micro Niche Blog

I have to work only once in Micro Niche Blog and keep earning whole life, just you have to select a good Niche, then do some work on it and get it Monetize, after that this Micro Niche Blog gives life time earning. lives

This type of blog does not need to be updated daily, once a blog has to be created on one of these topics, then 30-40 posts have to be written on them and after that it has to be monetized from any network like earning from Adsense. Earning from affiliate marketing, earning by selling books or earning through any other means

At present, Micro Niche blog is kept first and the success rate of Micro Niche blog is also very high, now let’s know the complete information about Micro Niche Blog.

What are Micro Niche Blogs, how to start?

What are Micro Niche Blogs?

Before understanding Micro Niche, it is very important for you to understand Niche, so let’s know what is Niche

Niche means writing on any one subject, it means that if there is a topic on which you make your blog and write an article related to that topic, then it is called Niche.

For example, you can understand that if you started a blog related to technology, then you will write all the information related to technology on that blog, but if you talk about Micro Niche, then it does not happen at all.

In Micro Niche, I have to write only on one sub-topic, such as writing only about mobile or writing only about computer or writing about any software or writing about any app or something. And where will Micro Niche go to write about all the topics related to technology?

Talking about the present time, at this time everyone is making Micro Niche and getting success in Micro Niche blogging.

What are Micro Niche Blog

Micro Niche Blog means creating a blog on any one topic and keyword and writing that related article.

Micro Niche Blog gets ranked quickly in Google SERP because it provides complete information on any one keyword.

Keep in mind before starting Micro Niche Blog

Talking about 10 years ago, no one knew that you can earn money from blog and website, but today everyone knows that you can earn money by creating a blog website.

The only reason is that in today’s time there has been a lot of competition in blogging, as before we cannot rank easily by creating a blog on any topic because in today’s time Google has millions of websites which Publish your content on Google

In the present time, you can see any topic by searching in Google, you will get to see a lot of content on that topic.

That is why in today’s time it has become a bit difficult to rank in Google SERP.

In such a situation, if you start Micro Niche Blog in today’s time, then you can get success soon, before starting Micro Niche Blog, it becomes very important to do keyword research.

If you have researched such low competition keywords, whose search volume is very good and the competition is also less, then in such a situation, your chances of success in blogging increase.

Starting only and only Micro Niche Blog in today’s time will be very beneficial and especially if you use Long Tail Keyword on that blog then it will be even more beneficial.

To start Micro Niche Blog, first of all, you must do keyword research, without doing keyword research, you should not start Micro Niche Blog at all.

Before starting Micro Niche Blog, you also have to keep in mind where your audience will be like India US UK ETC

If you have started Micro Niche Blog and your traffic is coming from us uk, then you will be able to earn more in less traffic, that is why whenever a blogger starts Micro Niche Blog, he targets the audience of us uk. does

micro niche blog idea

In today’s time, if you work on some of the Micro Niche Blog given below, then the success rate can be very high because till now very few blogs have been made, which means zero competition.

  • Start of Micro Niche Blog about Hosting
  • Start of Micro Niche Blog about one app
  • Starting a Micro Niche Blog about How to Sleep Well
  • Beginning of Micro Niche Blog about Video Editing
  • Beginning of Micro Niche Blog about Photo Editing
  • Starting Micro Niche Blog about Social Media Marketing
  • Beginning of Micro Niche Blog about Drone
  • Starting a Micro Niche Blog About Dogs
  • Start of Micro Niche Blog about Best Theme
  • Start of Micro Niche Blog about Best Plugin

How to make Micro Niche Blog

If you want to get success on them by creating Micro Niche Blog, then you have to follow some steps like on which niche you are starting your Micro Niche Blog, are you making your blog on blogger’s blogspot.com or You are making your Micro Niche Blog on WordPress

Blogspot.com is also a better platform to start Micro Niche Blog, you can also start Micro Niche Blog on this Blogspot.com, it is also a best platform to start Micro Niche Blog

Before starting Micro Niche Blog, follow some of the steps given below

  • Select blogging platform
  • buy a good domain
  • Select a better low
  • buy a better hosting
  • If you have started your Micro Niche Blog on WordPress then
  • customize blog
  • select better theme
  • Select the best plugin
  • edit the theme
  • Write longer and better articles
  • create profile on social media
  • Make all the important pages of the blog
  • Start Making Backlinks
  • Now you get that blog monetized

So Guru, you know what is Micro Niche Blog and how can you start them, but still if you have any question in your mind, then definitely put it in the comment box below.

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