Top 10 Hosting Provider Companies?

If you live in India and want to create your own blog or website, then you need a good hosting provider company.

Web hosting helps you to make your website or blog public on the Internet, with the help of which your website remains live on the Internet for 24 hours.

So today we will know which are the top 10 hosting provider companies of India.

To start a website or blog, before buying a hosting service, you need to have very important information about the hosting service, I am telling you some important information, keeping them in mind, buy a hosting.

hosting provider companies

How to identify a good hosting

If you are looking for a good hosting or want to buy a good hosting and you do not know how to choose a good hosting, then below I am telling you some steps, you can buy a better hosting by following the steps. Huh

  • Where is the server of the hosting you are buying, if your target audience is India, then buy hosting with India’s server.
  • Do check how much space is available on the hosting server
  • If you are an individual blogger then you buy share hosting but if your website is running very well then you buy Dedicated, clould, VPS hosting hosting.
  • buy web hosting according to blog size
  • After buying hosting, does the work of hosting provider companies end or do those hosting provider companies help you?
  • A wrong hosting can ruin all your hard work, so always choose better hosting
  • Do not use free web hosting at all
  • First check whether the customer support is correct or not
  • Storage capacity and bandwidth must be looked at
  • You should also see how much domain and how much subdomain you can live on that web hosting
  • It should also be seen whether there is a facility to create a free business email or not.
  • You should also check the type of database support
  • Is Single Click WordPress Facility Or Not You Should See Now
  • There is some web hosting company which also provides domain for 1 year for free, then you should also see this
  • You should also check whether you are getting free SSL certificate or not.
  • How is the interface of cPanel should also be seen
  • It should also be seen what kind of migration facilities are there.
  • You should also see how many websites you can create on a hosting plan.

Take a look at how wrong hosting can harm you

  • No technical support of any kind
  • Facing Server Problems
  • Website down due to high traffic

10 best hosting provider companies

  • MilesWeb Hosting
  • Bluehost Hosting
  • Hostinger Hosting
  • Bluehost Hosting
  • A2 hosting
  • GreenGeeks Hosting
  • HostGator Hosting
  • DomainRacer Hosting
  • DreamHost Hosting
  • ResellerClub Hosting

So Guru, you have come to know about 10 better hosting provider companies, if you have any question related to this article, then put it in the comment box below.

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