If you want to start your blog on WordPress then keep these things in mind

If you are thinking of starting your blog on WordPress, then you should start keeping some important things in mind, here I will tell you such points, if you make a blog on WordPress in the right way, then you can earn well from blogging. will you be able to

And most importantly, if you make a blog by reading this post, then you will be able to make your blog very easily.

It is very easy to start a blog on WordPress, it is important for you to know some WordPress settings, which I am going to tell you in this article.

So let’s know which is the important point

keep in mind before starting a WordPress blog

how to create a wordpress blog

The main two famous platforms for blogging are the first Blogger and the second WordPress, both of which are perfect in their respective places.

You can create your blog for free through Blogger because here you get blogspot.com domain for free from Google and you do not have to buy any kind of hosting here.

But if we talk about WordPress, then here you have to buy both your own domain and hosting.

Now you must be thinking that if we are getting domain and hosting for free, then why should we start a blog on WordPress?

For your information, let me tell you that only some limited features are available on Blogger, but talk about WordPress, here you get to see unlimited features.

So if you want to use some limited features then you can start your blog with bloggers but if you want more features then you can start your blog with WordPress.

You get a lot more features in WordPress than Blogger, such as the option of plugins, different SEO facilities, and many more.

Blogspot.com, which provides you the facility to start your blog for absolutely free, in which you do not have any control in any way, if you talk about WordPress, then here you have A to Z control of domain and hosting. takes place in the hands

That is why in the present time, including almost all the blogs and websites of the world, more than 70% blogs and websites are made on WordPress only.

So today we will learn how to set up a WordPress blog and how to create your own blog on WordPress and what are the things needed to create a blog on WordPress, if you also want to know then definitely read this post till the end.

How to create a blog, how to setup, what is wrong with WordPress blog, what is right, how to understand everything, I will tell you step by step, which will make your blogging journey very easy and you will be able to start your blog.

Blogging Niche: – If you are thinking of starting blogging, then the first step you have to take is Niche selection, it is most important because if you will not be able to select your blog topic properly then you will be successful in blogging. You will not be able to do that, so whenever you start blogging, keep your blog topic absolutely perfect and thoughtful.

If you want to know what is Niche and how to choose a better Niche so that you can earn in lakhs, then read the post given below.

Domain Name :- .com, .net, .org, .in these are some types of domains that you should buy before starting a blog

There are many companies in the market that provide domain name service to you, that too at a very low rate, you can buy the domain for 1 year by paying only ₹ 500.

My advice would be that whenever you start blogging, buy a custom domain, even if you are starting your blog on blogspot.com, then you will be benefited a lot later.

If you want to be successful in blogging and want to earn lakhs of rupees a month from blogging, then my advice would be to buy your custom domain.

If you want to start a blog, then you should buy a domain, if you buy a custom domain, then you get a lot of benefit from it, so start your blog or website with a custom domain and read the post below and Step by step understand what is domain and how to buy domain

which is better wordpress.com and wordpress.org

To start blogging wordpress.com and wordpress.org which platform is better to do blogging

As I told you above, you get different features on both Blogger and WordPress, but you can create your blog with either wordpress.com and wordpress.org, there is not much difference in both of them, almost you will get Same features are available

If you want to earn money by creating a profitable blog, then you should start your blog with WordPress only because here you will get to see different experiences from which you will be able to do something new in blogging, learn something new and earn more money.

Whether you are making your blog on wordpress.com or on wordpress.org, if you start a blog by taking your own hosting, then there is no difference in it, but if you talk there, if you are on wordpress.com or wordpress.org But even if you create a blog for free, here you get only some limited features.

So whenever you create your blog, make it by buying a good and better hosting.

Hosting: – Hosting is the place where all the data of your website like photo text and image is available.

To make your website live in any browser or to make it available or you can understand that to publish your website on the Internet, you need a hosting server which hosting servers are big computers. And those computers are connected to the internet for 24 hours, from which your website remains live for 24 hours.

In this way, if any internet user wants to access your website, then he can access it anytime within 24 hours because it is very important for your website, that’s why you buy hosting thoughtfully.

Now let’s assume that you have bought such hosting where that hosting will keep your website down at any time.

And if you make it live anytime, then the audience coming to your website will not start coming slowly or it will start coming very less.

If you also want to know more about hosting, then read the post given below and understand in detail what is web hosting and how it works.

You must do some settings of WordPress

  • turn on ssl certificate
  • Apply a Paid or Free theme on your blog
  • Go to the favicon and put the logo of the site
  • change the time zone
  • Customize and enhance your theme
  • Delete the themes that already come
  • change the permalink format
  • change wordpress password
  • Change the General, Writing, Reading and discussion setting
  • Delete Dummy Content and tag and category pages
  • create author box
  • Make important page of your blog
  • Now you start writing articles

If you have followed the above all the steps then now your blog is set up and you are ready to login and you are ready to earn money from people, now you need to write articles. Now you start writing articles, but you can understand how to write articles by reading some of the important points given below.

  • Do keyword research before writing an article
  • Use LSI keywords in the article
  • Write a post of 1500 to 2000 words
  • Use SEO Plugin
  • improve blog title

So Guru, you understood that if you make a blog on WordPress, then what are the things you should take care of. If you have any question related to this post, then put me in the comment box.

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