How to connect domain to hosting

If you are a blogger and you have created your blog WordPress, then you have to buy domain and hosting. If you have bought your domain and hosting and now you are wondering how to connect domain to hosting, then in today’s post We will talk about this and understand in detail how you can connect your domain to hosting

You must know that many hosting provider companies are available in the market, but today we will connect Godaddy domain with Bluehost hosting.

If you have bought your hosting anywhere, then by understanding this article, you can connect your hosting with the domain.

By the way, there are many companies that provide free hosting as well as domain, such as Bluehost, if you buy your hosting from Bluehost, then you get a free domain as well.

If you are buying hosting for the first time from the same company and you are getting domain free with it, then you do not have to do any connect-like things.

But if you have bought your second domain, then you have to connect your domain with hosting.

But even if you have bought your hosting and domain from two different places for the first time, you still have to connect the hosting with the domain.

Especially new bloggers are very confused about how to connect domain with hosting, so in today’s article, we will know how to connect Godaddy domain with Bluehost hosting.

The process of connecting almost all the company’s domains with hosting is almost similar, so by reading this article, you can easily understand the process of how to connect domains with hosting.

How to connect domain to hosting

best hosting for wordpress blog

Before buying a hosting, it becomes very important for you to know about that hosting company, if you do not know about that company, then it is possible that that hosting company will give you the wrong service, which will cause a lot of damage to your blog. It is possible that especially new bloggers select the wrong hosting company in the context of free hosting, cheap hosting, due to which they have to face the problems given below.

  • Inadequate customer support
  • security jesus comes again and again
  • website speed slow
  • Website not opening many times
  • No article rank due to website shutdown
  • Which leads to negative SEO
  • Blog hangs in danger
  • Not only this, due to all these problems, your website can also be banned from Google.

There are not many advantages of taking free hosting and cheap hosting, but there are many disadvantages, that is why you should take hosting service from a better hosting provider company.

where to get the domain

If you want to start your website and you have not yet bought a domain, then it is necessary to buy a domain name, in such a situation, if you are thinking of buying us from a good place, then you can go to Godaddy, which is the most famous place where About 80% of bloggers buy their domain from there, you can also buy from there, if you want, you can buy your domain from where you are buying your hosting.

Benefits of a better domain name provider company

  • 24 hour customer support available
  • Instant solution for any kind of technical problem
  • have call support

How to connect domain to hosting

If you want to connect the domain to the hosting, then you can easily connect the domain to the hosting by following some of the steps given below.

  • First you buy a domain
  • buy a better hosting
  • Login to hosting and domain account
  • Go to DNS Management of your hosting account
  • Now go to the nameserver option in the account with the domain.
  • After that copy the nameserver from the hosting account and paste it in the DNS management of the domain.
  • Now you wait for some time, it may be 24 hours also.
  • By doing this your domain will be connected with your hosting

If you want, you can also copy the I.p address from your hosting account and put it in the DNS of the domain, by doing this your domain will be connected with the hosting.

So Guru, you know how to connect with your domain hosting, if you have any problem related to this article, then put it in the comment box below.

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