How to buy domain name

Today we will know in this article how to buy a good domain name for blog and website, where to get a better domain name and how to buy a better domain name, how to select a better domain

If you are unable to think of a domain name, then you can take the help of Top Ten Domain Name Generator because the right domain name is a brand name of your blog and website, so before buying a domain name, research the domain name and according to your niche buy domain name from

There are many domain service provider companies from where you can buy a good and better domain name according to your niche, but how if you do not know, then you can read this article till the end.

Before buying a domain name, if you do not know what a domain name is, then let me tell you in simple words.

Buy Domain Name

what is a domain name

Domain name is an address of your website from which any user on the Internet can access your website with the help of any browser.

You can understand in such words that like your house has an address, if you tell someone to come to that address, then he will be able to come very easily, in the same way, the domain name is an address of your website, with the help of which Any internet user can access your website. Domain name is also known as URL.

If you do not know what is a domain name and you want to go through the details then read by clicking below

how to buy domain

If you are thinking about buying a domain, then let me tell you that there are many companies in the market that provide good domain services, but the truth is that we do not buy domains, but take domain names on rent. let’s run

Yes, you heard it right, domain name service provider companies charge you heavily annually, if you buy a domain name, then you have to pay their money for 1 year, then if you want to use the same domain for the second year, then you have to pay for the second year. also have to pay rent

So first of all, check that the company from which you are buying the domain, what kind of service the company is providing to its customers.

But today I will tell you the names of some good companies which are very good and there will not be any problem in their service and almost 99% bloggers or company owners rent their domain from here.

  • DomainRacer
  • Godaddy
  • Namecheap
  • Bluehost
  • Hostinger

You can take your domain from any of the above companies, but if you want to buy hosting, then Bluehost or Hostinger should be used because these two companies provide good hosting as well as cheap hosting.

Because now you are starting blogging then you are going to need two things and that is

  • your domain name
  • and your hosting

If you want to read about hosting in detail then click

I will tell you how to buy domain from Godaddy, so let us know how you can buy domain from Godaddy very easily.

How to buy domain from godaddy

If you are going to buy domain from Godaddy and you want cheap domain from Godaddy then first of all follow these steps

First of all, go to Godaddy’s website and search your domain name there and click on the purchase button.

Now you can talk to Godaddy customer by clicking on the above chat button and get the promo code and reduce the price of your domain.

Or else you go to buy that domain on the first day and then cut it and leave it for 1 day, by doing this you will reduce the price of the domain on the second day and you will be given information through your email

The third way, where you see INR written while buying the domain, select USD, doing this will also reduce the price of your domain, but it is very important to have a credit card in this purchase.

Fourth way, you can reduce the price of your domain by applying direct Godaddy’s customer support

  • Let us now start the process of buying a domain from Godaddy.
  • Create an account on Godaddy’s website, then
  • First of all go to Godaddy’s website
  • Now enter the name of any domain you want to buy and search
  • If that domain is available, you will see something like this

  • Now you click on Continue With Card

  • And then buy your domain by paying

So Guru, today you have learned how to buy domain, why domain name is important for your blog or website and many more, but still if you have any question, then put it in the comment box below.

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